The Week In Review January 4th to 8th 2015

Monday January 4th

I had an amazing day chasing storms in Colorado on May 25, 2015, catching a brief tornado near Lamar, Colorado and then some amazing lightning and structure as I continued to follow them into Kansas. Most of the storms were dying out but one storm in southwest Kansas had started intensifying and since my target for the next day was in Kansas I decided to go chase it and just see what I could get. As the sun started setting and I came in behind the storm I got to witness an amazing display of mammatus clouds. Just after this image the storm dropped a tornado and then went on to produce a number of tornadoes. I decided to continue chasing this storm in the dark as the track of the storm was leading it right to where I had booked my hotel for the night. The most intense part of the chase was just near Plains, Kansas where I could make out a mile wide wedge tornado in between the flashes of lightning.


Tuesday January 5th




A nice little surprise. I was heading up to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a showing of my photography and the hoar-frost was incredible. I kept having to stop and just take in the beauty of it. The clouds started breaking up and the sun came out and I just happened to find this old red building. The contrast of the white and red just was an amazing moment.


Wednesday January 6th

The Northern Lights near Swift Current, Saskatchewan


Throw Back Thursday January 7th

I have been working on cleaning up some old files and came across some of my original work and thought I would share. This is an image from June 30, 2006. one of my very first storm chasing images. This was such a fun chase and photo to take. The farmer who owned the property was standing out with me while I was taking the images and we had a great chat as the storm got closer. He thought the images were great as I took them, then a bolt hit pretty close and he commented that now I’m just crazy and he headed back to the safety of his home. I love looking back on these and it brings back such great memories. Like, share or comment I love hearing from you.


January 8th

“Memorial” This was from a chase on June 12th, 2015 near Ogema, Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan



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