The Week in Review January 11th to 15th

Monday January 11th

Last Tuesday was National Bird Day and it was fun to look back on some of my bird photos. This Horned Owl was just hanging out and I was able to get so close with out him flying away. I thought he might have been hurt so we decided to try to help him. We were just about to gather him up when he decided to fly off. It was magnificent to watch him spread his wings and soar off into the sky.



Tuesday January 12th

This was an image from one of my favorite chases of 2015. I took this on May 27, 2015 in Canadian, Texas. Not only did I see 3 tornadoes this day but was able to watch this storm grow from just a few fluffy clouds into what would eventually be a massive F3 tornado. I captured this as the storm really started to ramp up and produce a few beautiful funnel clouds.


Wednesday January 13th

I was able to witness this incredible aurora display just north of Regina, Saskatchewan. I was at a show displaying my art work and was watching the aurora forecast so I had made sure I brought all of my equipment with me. After working a 12 hour day I headed out of Regina to just get a “few” shots. The aurora just kept getting better and better but I eventually had to call it quits at around 3am as I had to work at the show the next morning. Well worth the lack of sleep and the long day.


Thursday January 14th

It’s throw back Thursday and someone asked last week if I have ever been hit with lightning. I have had a few close calls and got some pretty close lightning strikes on camera. (I might have to post my closest strike one day) This is one of my all time favorites. Taken June 30, 2008 at Tessier, Saskatchewan. Even though this was 8 years ago I still get chills looking at it.


Friday January 15th

A gorgeous Saskatchewan sunrise just south of Swift Current a few days ago. I love that we are so often treated to such amazing painted skies to start our day.


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