The Week In Review January 18th to 22nd

Monday January 18th

This week I’m celebrating #SDS (Storm Deprivation Syndrome) This is when storm chasers REALLY starting counting down the days until spring and they can get back out chasing. This image was from one of my favourite chases of 2014. It was a difficult forecast day and no one was really calling for anything significant but when I looked at the actual environment I just had a feeling things were going to go big so I headed out and wasn’t disappointed catching a total of 7 tornadoes this day between Outlook, Saskatchewan to Davidson, Saskatchewan include an incredible tornado at Keneston, Saskatchewan.


Tuesday January 19th

Another storm image to celebrate #SDS week. This was from last year near Faith, South Dakota. This was one of my favorite and most photogenic tornadoes I caught last year. This capped off an incredible 3 days of chasing, from some of the most intense storms and moments I have ever saw. Best yet I was able to share this with my two buddies and chase partners Gunjan Sinha, and Scott Elmer. Guys I can’t wait to get back out there again, counting down the days #photooftheday


Wednesday January 20th

Well this image I just have to post for #SDS week.  This is my ALL TIME favorite image. This was from a chase on June 26, 2012.  The complete story is far to long for this post but this is a day I will never forget.  One of the most incredible moments of my life.  I shoot this image while hanging out the window of the vehicle as we raced up the dirt road eventually standing less than  1000 meters away from an incredible tornado. #photofotheday


Thursday January 21st

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and I wanted to dig way back in my archives to find a great storm image from my early chasing career to celebrate #SDS week. This image was from a storm I chased northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan towards North Battleford, Saskatchewan. There was one confirmed tornado this day and another possible one near Hafford, Saskatchewan. The sky was a magnificent colour and this was a chase I still remember vividly #photooftheday


Friday January 22nd

My last image for #SDS week is another image from last years chasing. This was another image I capture during my Canadian, Texas chase day. This whole day was spectacular from being able to witness all the different moments that day from the very first to the end. Over six hours of chasing without having to drive more than 100 miles. Can’t wait to get back out there #photooftheday


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