The Week in Review January 25th to 29th

Monday January 25th

This panoramic image is another of my favorite of the year. Not only for the subject but for the experience. I took this on a very special day. It was take your kid to work day and my daughter asked me if she could come to “not my boring day job but my cool photography job” I told her the type of photography I do can’t always be planned as I look for those really unique moments but we decided to head up to Cypress Hills as it is always pretty there. Well we were sure treated to a very special day. While there was no snow anywhere else the hills had just gotten a nice light coating of snow, the first snow of the year and made for a very magical day.


Tuesday January 26th

This is a new image I captured yesterday. After a foggy cold morning the sun decided to come out and lit up the amazing hoar frost. A magical Saskatchewan winter day.


Wednesday January 27th

It is amazing some of the colours you can witness with the northern lights. I saw this on June 22, 2015. I have never seen a KP index this high in all the years I have chased the aurora. The waves in the sky and the colours where breathtaking. No Photoshop or changes required to make this display really make you say whoa!


Thursday January 28th

For throw back thursday I’m going back to one of the first lightning images that really took my breath way. I just loved this image I took back in 2006 and still love it as much today. The lightning was so close and the driving rain and a light behind me worked together to create a beautiful image.


Friday January 29th

There is nothing a storm chaser likes better than to chase on their birthday. I can say this was a great birthday present as we watched this incredible supercell with such amazing structure on June 16, 2015 near Wallace, Nebraska. The downdraft of this storm was so intense with a massive wall of water and hail on the right hand side. This was an absolute textbook structure of a storm and amazing to stand in the open fields watching it form.


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