The Week in Review February 1st to 5th

Monday February 1st

Hard to believe I shot this just last week. All the snow is gone after a week of incredible late January weather.


Tuesday February 2nd

This image “Stacked Plates Saskatchewan” is from my last chase of 2015. An incredible stacked plate supercell near Odessa, Saskatchewan. A great way to end my chase year and looking forward to a fun 2016 out chasing some of mother natures most incredible moments.


Wednesday February 3rd

I have missed seeing the northern lights lately as there have not been any strong enough events to see this far south.  This image “Night On The Farm” I took just north of Swift Current, on April 16, 2015.


Thursday February 4th

For #ThrowbackThursday I went back to one of my favorite chases and incredible sites from July 31, 2010.  The structure of this incredible storm in Saskatchewan rivals some of the best storms I have seen from down south in tornado alley.


Friday February 5th

This image I called “The Start of The Season” and I took it on my first official storm chase of 2014. Taken on May 28th, 2014 just across the border in Montana. The incredible green sky is a sure sign of some very large and dangerous hail.


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The Week in Review January 25th to 29th

Monday January 25th

This panoramic image is another of my favorite of the year. Not only for the subject but for the experience. I took this on a very special day. It was take your kid to work day and my daughter asked me if she could come to “not my boring day job but my cool photography job” I told her the type of photography I do can’t always be planned as I look for those really unique moments but we decided to head up to Cypress Hills as it is always pretty there. Well we were sure treated to a very special day. While there was no snow anywhere else the hills had just gotten a nice light coating of snow, the first snow of the year and made for a very magical day.


Tuesday January 26th

This is a new image I captured yesterday. After a foggy cold morning the sun decided to come out and lit up the amazing hoar frost. A magical Saskatchewan winter day.


Wednesday January 27th

It is amazing some of the colours you can witness with the northern lights. I saw this on June 22, 2015. I have never seen a KP index this high in all the years I have chased the aurora. The waves in the sky and the colours where breathtaking. No Photoshop or changes required to make this display really make you say whoa!


Thursday January 28th

For throw back thursday I’m going back to one of the first lightning images that really took my breath way. I just loved this image I took back in 2006 and still love it as much today. The lightning was so close and the driving rain and a light behind me worked together to create a beautiful image.


Friday January 29th

There is nothing a storm chaser likes better than to chase on their birthday. I can say this was a great birthday present as we watched this incredible supercell with such amazing structure on June 16, 2015 near Wallace, Nebraska. The downdraft of this storm was so intense with a massive wall of water and hail on the right hand side. This was an absolute textbook structure of a storm and amazing to stand in the open fields watching it form.


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The Week In Review January 18th to 22nd

Monday January 18th

This week I’m celebrating #SDS (Storm Deprivation Syndrome) This is when storm chasers REALLY starting counting down the days until spring and they can get back out chasing. This image was from one of my favourite chases of 2014. It was a difficult forecast day and no one was really calling for anything significant but when I looked at the actual environment I just had a feeling things were going to go big so I headed out and wasn’t disappointed catching a total of 7 tornadoes this day between Outlook, Saskatchewan to Davidson, Saskatchewan include an incredible tornado at Keneston, Saskatchewan.


Tuesday January 19th

Another storm image to celebrate #SDS week. This was from last year near Faith, South Dakota. This was one of my favorite and most photogenic tornadoes I caught last year. This capped off an incredible 3 days of chasing, from some of the most intense storms and moments I have ever saw. Best yet I was able to share this with my two buddies and chase partners Gunjan Sinha, and Scott Elmer. Guys I can’t wait to get back out there again, counting down the days #photooftheday


Wednesday January 20th

Well this image I just have to post for #SDS week.  This is my ALL TIME favorite image. This was from a chase on June 26, 2012.  The complete story is far to long for this post but this is a day I will never forget.  One of the most incredible moments of my life.  I shoot this image while hanging out the window of the vehicle as we raced up the dirt road eventually standing less than  1000 meters away from an incredible tornado. #photofotheday


Thursday January 21st

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and I wanted to dig way back in my archives to find a great storm image from my early chasing career to celebrate #SDS week. This image was from a storm I chased northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan towards North Battleford, Saskatchewan. There was one confirmed tornado this day and another possible one near Hafford, Saskatchewan. The sky was a magnificent colour and this was a chase I still remember vividly #photooftheday


Friday January 22nd

My last image for #SDS week is another image from last years chasing. This was another image I capture during my Canadian, Texas chase day. This whole day was spectacular from being able to witness all the different moments that day from the very first to the end. Over six hours of chasing without having to drive more than 100 miles. Can’t wait to get back out there #photooftheday


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The Week in Review January 11th to 15th

Monday January 11th

Last Tuesday was National Bird Day and it was fun to look back on some of my bird photos. This Horned Owl was just hanging out and I was able to get so close with out him flying away. I thought he might have been hurt so we decided to try to help him. We were just about to gather him up when he decided to fly off. It was magnificent to watch him spread his wings and soar off into the sky.



Tuesday January 12th

This was an image from one of my favorite chases of 2015. I took this on May 27, 2015 in Canadian, Texas. Not only did I see 3 tornadoes this day but was able to watch this storm grow from just a few fluffy clouds into what would eventually be a massive F3 tornado. I captured this as the storm really started to ramp up and produce a few beautiful funnel clouds.


Wednesday January 13th

I was able to witness this incredible aurora display just north of Regina, Saskatchewan. I was at a show displaying my art work and was watching the aurora forecast so I had made sure I brought all of my equipment with me. After working a 12 hour day I headed out of Regina to just get a “few” shots. The aurora just kept getting better and better but I eventually had to call it quits at around 3am as I had to work at the show the next morning. Well worth the lack of sleep and the long day.


Thursday January 14th

It’s throw back Thursday and someone asked last week if I have ever been hit with lightning. I have had a few close calls and got some pretty close lightning strikes on camera. (I might have to post my closest strike one day) This is one of my all time favorites. Taken June 30, 2008 at Tessier, Saskatchewan. Even though this was 8 years ago I still get chills looking at it.


Friday January 15th

A gorgeous Saskatchewan sunrise just south of Swift Current a few days ago. I love that we are so often treated to such amazing painted skies to start our day.


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The Week In Review January 4th to 8th 2015

Monday January 4th

I had an amazing day chasing storms in Colorado on May 25, 2015, catching a brief tornado near Lamar, Colorado and then some amazing lightning and structure as I continued to follow them into Kansas. Most of the storms were dying out but one storm in southwest Kansas had started intensifying and since my target for the next day was in Kansas I decided to go chase it and just see what I could get. As the sun started setting and I came in behind the storm I got to witness an amazing display of mammatus clouds. Just after this image the storm dropped a tornado and then went on to produce a number of tornadoes. I decided to continue chasing this storm in the dark as the track of the storm was leading it right to where I had booked my hotel for the night. The most intense part of the chase was just near Plains, Kansas where I could make out a mile wide wedge tornado in between the flashes of lightning.


Tuesday January 5th




A nice little surprise. I was heading up to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a showing of my photography and the hoar-frost was incredible. I kept having to stop and just take in the beauty of it. The clouds started breaking up and the sun came out and I just happened to find this old red building. The contrast of the white and red just was an amazing moment.


Wednesday January 6th

The Northern Lights near Swift Current, Saskatchewan


Throw Back Thursday January 7th

I have been working on cleaning up some old files and came across some of my original work and thought I would share. This is an image from June 30, 2006. one of my very first storm chasing images. This was such a fun chase and photo to take. The farmer who owned the property was standing out with me while I was taking the images and we had a great chat as the storm got closer. He thought the images were great as I took them, then a bolt hit pretty close and he commented that now I’m just crazy and he headed back to the safety of his home. I love looking back on these and it brings back such great memories. Like, share or comment I love hearing from you.


January 8th

“Memorial” This was from a chase on June 12th, 2015 near Ogema, Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan



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