About Prairie Fire Photography

Prairie Fire Photography was originally born out of my passion for what I see as some of nature’s most beautiful creations in the form of lightning and thunderstorms. Many of us have looked up to the sky during a stormy night and simply watched what I feel is one of natures greatest shows. It is this sense of wonderment that led me to create these works of art.

I began taking these photos to catch those fleeting moments of beauty and to freeze them in time to let people share in what I have seen and experienced. The split second nature of lightning or the intensity of the setting sun is such a brief moment and I enjoy preserving these scenes and emotions for others to share.

During my time storm chasing, I have come to appreciate the immense beauty and wonder that is all around us. As I have traveled I have found countless sources of inspiration for my work. From the fiery red of the setting sun to the crisp white of a winter frost there is no end to the beauty that we can find in the world around us.

This is nature’s artwork. Nature has created the masterpiece – I have simply caught the moment.